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Yacht Charter Adriatic / North


Yacht Charter in the northern Adriatic Sea

To the northern sailing destination of the Adriatic Sea belong the Italian Adriatic Sea with ports Marina di Ravenna, Venice and Trieste, Slovenia with the port Izola and Croatia. The northern Adriatic destination is very popular with yacht charter crews thanks to its accessibility.




Climate and wind

The sailing destination on the northern Adriatic Sea has a pleasant Mediterranean climate. The sailing season starts in the second part of April and lasts until the end of October. The most common winds are northwestern mistrals, jugo (warm, southern wind also called sirocco) and the Bora (from the northeast). In the summer the winds are rather weak, in the low season you can also expect strong gusts.

Mistrals: nice-weather wind blowing from the northwest – beginning of June until mid-September – morning until evening, 3-4 Beaufort

Jugo: bad weather accompanied by sticky air and rain – blows from southeast with the intensity up to 7 Beaufort, between October and May also more intensely up to 9 Beaufort.

Bora: dangerous wind from the northeast – katabatic wind with squalls up to 9 Beaufort – comes without warning

Further details on yacht charter in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea can be found under country specific section for Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

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