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Yacht Charter Aegean / Saronic Gulf - Cyclades


Yacht Charter in the Aegean Sea / Saronic Gulf - Cyclades

The Saronic Gulf can be comfortably visited from many yacht charter bases around Athens. The starting port for a sailing cruise in the Saronic Gulf are, among others, the big harbour Kalamaki in Athens as well as Lavrion and Poros. The sailing area of the Saronic Gulf is very popular among yacht charter crews. Due to its proximity to the capital city, the closer islands and  ports such as Aegina, Poros or Hydra are quite intensively visited in the summer by yacht charter tourists. If you want it a bit more pristine and calmer, you can sail to the eastern coast along Peloponnese, where you can still find pristine harbours and unspoilt anchoring spots.


The Cyclades derive their name from their circular formation around the island of Delos, the antique centre of trade and religion. The sailing area of the Cyclades is very popular among yacht charter crews. One can divide the Cyclades into northern Cyclades with Kea, Kythnos, Syros, Andros,  Tenos, Mykonos, Delos and Rineia. The central Cyclades are Serifos, Sifnos, Antiparos, Paros, Naxos, Denousa, Irakleia, Schoinousa, Koufonisia, Amorgos, Levitha. And to the southern Cyclades belong Milos, Kimolos, Folegandros, Sikinos, Ios, Thera and Anafe. Sailing holiday in the Cyclades is a very special experience for any yacht charter crew. Start off with your yacht charter crew into an unforgettable sailing cruise through the island world of the Cyclades.



Climate and wind

The Saronic Gulf has a very mild and sunny climate.
The prevailing winds in the summer are the etesians, blowing at around 4-6  Beaufort from north/northeast. The etesians blow from July until October. If the there are no etesians, the winds normally blow from the south at 3-5 Bft. In the spring and autumn the winds are weaker and generally come from the southern direction. Beware of katabatic squalls around Cape Sounion and also at the entrance to Corinth.

In the Cyclades the prevailing winds in the summer are the notorious etesians from the north and northwest. The etesians start in June and blow the strongest in July, August and September. In the beginning of October they start to stagnate. In July and August the etesians blow at 5-6 Bft but they can also get as strong as 7-8. It is difficult to predict how long they will last. In the spring and autumn the winds predominantly come from the north but winds from the south are also possible. Beware of fall winds by the lee coasts of the islands that can blow at 7-8 Bft and appear very suddenly.


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