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Yacht Charter North Aegean Sea


Yacht Charter in the Aegean Sea / Sporades

The name Sporades actually means ‚those scattered‘. The Sporades are an enchanting sailing area. The main group of the islands comprises Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, Peristeria, Kyra Panagia, Gioura as well as the eastern island of Skyros. Yacht charter in the Sporades is very popular among many yacht charter crews.


The architecure of the Sporades is very unique – bright white, blue or pink houses covered with red gabled roofs. The Sporades are significantly greener than the southern Greek islands and will enchant you with beautiful, fine sandy beaches.

Good to know: water in the Sporades is a precious commodity. Growing tourism has led to a shortage of drinking water, also affecting the price of water yachties get in the harbours. Sailing holiday in the Sporades is a unique experience for any yacht charter crew. Get on an unforgettable sailing cruise with your yacht charter crew through the island world of the Sporades.

Climate and wind

Here in the Sporades the etesians don’t blow as strong as farther south. They come from the north/northeast but partly change their direction between the islands. The southern coasts of the islands are relatively protected from the swell of the sea. Mild wind conditions and relatively calm sea make this territory a perfect one for families, flotillas and beginners.


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