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Yacht charter Sardinia – Sailing holiday in Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily. It is located 202km of the Italian mainland and is separated from it by the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the north of the island there is Corsica only separated by the Strait of Bonifacio by the distance of 12km. Sardinia has 1848km of coastline with well-known coastal areas such as Costa Smeralda, Costa Rei, Costa Verde or Costa Paradiso. Yacht charter in Sardinia is very popular. The sailing area of Sardinia is scenically enchanting and unique. Kilometers of dunes with shadowy pine forests, secluded bays between bizarrely shaped rocks and sometimes flat, sometimes steep beaches are characteristic of the charming coastal landscape in Sardinia. Sailing holiday in Sardinia is a unique experience for any yacht charter crew. Start off with your yacht charter crew in Sardinia for an unforgettable sailing cruise with gorgeous anchoring bays and turquoise water.

porto cervo

Sardinia consists of many different and diverse regions, each with its own special character. Steep, white and bright massif of the Dolomites in Supramonte, bizarrely shaped rock formations at Capo Testa in the farthest north, enclosed sandy bays with rocky slopes around Cala Gonone at the eastern coast appealing to climbers or the volcano cone in Marmilla. The island of Sardinia is very diverse.
Coastal areas are especially interesting for sailing in Sardinia. Along the coast you will find miles of sandy strips alternating with calm rocky bays. Yacht charter in Sardinia offers you a variety of marinas, harbours and beautiful anchoring bays. In the months June and July, the holiday season for the Italians, many marinas are crowded and prices are high but beyond the high season prices are attractive and there is room in the marinas.
There are many yacht charter providers in Sardinia. Depending on which part of Sardinia you would like to explore, different harbours can be used as starting points. Interesting region for yacht charter in Sardinia is the Maddalena Archipelago in the north of Sardinia.  The Maddalena Archipelago consists of seven main islands and numerous other small islets and is a natural reserve. Further interesting areas for yacht charter crews in Sardinia include Santa Teresa di Gallura with Capo Testa, Alghero, the area around Carloforte in the south, Arbataxa and Cala Gonone at the eastern coast and of course Porto Cervo with the famous Costa Smeralda. Yacht charter crews can charter their boats in different starting points in Sardinia. The starting point harbours include among others Alghero, Arbatax, Cagliari, Cannigione, Carloforte, La Maddalena, Olbia, Poltu Quatu, Portisco, Santa Teresa di Gallura. You can charter sailing boats and catamarans of various types and sizes online with  Smart Yachtcharter or you can contact us for an individual charter offer in Sardinia. 


Climate and wind in Sardinia
The climate in Sardinia is Mediterranean and pleasant with warm springs and autumns, hot summers and mild winters. The island of Sardinia suffers from water shortage and especially in winter it is often stormy there. Water temperatures are often at 20° in June, later in the summer at 23° on average. The air temperature can also rapidly drop in the warm months which is caused by the etesians coming from the northwest. A very moist and warm sirocco wind coming from the south in the northern Mediterranean Sea sets in several times per month. It comes from northern Africa, its arrival is often marked by a light swell from the south preceding sirocco.

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