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Yacht Charter Turkish Coast


Yacht Charter Turkish coast

Turkish Mediterranean coast is one of the most beautiful yacht charter regions in the Mediterranean. In the past several years the number of yacht charter providers has risen significantly and there are many bareboat yachts on offer as well as fleets and yacht charter with skipper or crew. Yacht charter in Turkey is very popular due to good accessibility. Thanks to good charter and airline connections to Izmir, Bodrum, Dalaman and Antalya the yacht charter destination is easily accessible. Most of the charter yachts are located in the bases of Bodrum, Marmaris as well as in Fethiye and Göcek. Although the Turkish coast has few islands, its gorgeously beautiful landscape offers many bays, peninsulas and deep gulfs such as the Gulf of Fethiye, the Gulf of Gökova or the Gulf of Güllük. Sailing holiday along the Turkish coast is a unique experience for any yacht charter crew. Start off with your yacht charter crew in one of the numerous yacht charter bases at the Turkish coast for an unforgettable sailing cruise.


Climate and wind

At the Turkish coast of the Mediterranean you will find typical Mediterranean climate – in the summer it is hot and dry with a pleasant sea breeze. During the long charter season from April till October sailors will find really ideal weather conditions. In the summer between June and September the coast is dominated by the etesians generally blowing from the north but may be partially diverted by the structure of the coast. They usually blow from late afternoon until sunset at ca. 4-6 Beaufort. But they can become as strong as 7-8Bft and last for many days. In the spring and autumn strong southeastern winds may blow, which should be taken into consideration when choosing an anchoring bay.

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