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Yacht Charter Tyrrhenian Sea


Yacht charter Tyrrhenian Sea – Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Liguria

The Tyrrheanian Sea borders in the east on the western coast of Italy, in the north on the Tuscan archipelago and in the west on Sardinia. The border in the south is Sicily. The sailing area of the Tyrrhenian Sea is very diverse.
Interesting from the point of view of yacht charter at the Tyrrhenian Sea are the Gulf of Naples with the islands of Ischia,  Capri and Procida as well as the Pontine Islands with Ventotene and Santo Stefano and also Ponza, Gavi, Palmarola and Zannone. The Amalfi Coast stretches between the cities of Naples and Salerno and beside the main harbour of Amalfi, famous for its cathedral, you can also explore many picturesque places at the coast such as Atrani, Vietri sul Mare, Maiori and Minore. A jewel of the Amalfi Coast is a former fishermen town Positano, falling towards the sea in a terrace-like manner. Sailing holiday on the Tyrrhenian Sea is a very diverse and scenically enchanting experience.


Climate and wind

The climate at the Tyrrhenian Sea is usually quite pleasant. The temperatures gradually grow throughout the summer and reach their peaks in August and fall to their lows in January. Water temperatures are often at 20° in June, later in the summer at 23° on average. The air temperature can also rapidly drop in the warm months which is caused by the etesians coming from the northwest. Generally in this area the prevailing winds are from the northwest. An extremely cold and often very dry northwestern wind is known as mistral or tramontane. Originally the mistral is a cold, at times stormy fall wind coming from France into the sea territory between Sardinia/Sicily and northern Africa.

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