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The Caribbean is certainly one of the most popular sailing destinations worldwide. Sailing in the Caribbean is diverse and multifaceted. Geographically to the Caribbean belong the sailing destinations of the Greater Antilles with Cuba as well as the Lesser Antilles with the Leeward and Windward Islands. For yacht charter the Caribbean presents a perfect destination with its stable climate and wind conditions. Breathtaking underwater world will make snorkelers and divers happy but sailors are the happiest when the reliable trade winds blow, filling the sails in the whole territory with their power. Good touristic and maritime infrastructure make a Caribbean cruise uncomplicated for yacht charter crews.




The British Virgin Islands are a perfect sailing destination for beginners and families as they allow protected sailing among the islands located close to one another. The Leeward Islands in the northern semi-circle of the Lesser Antilles are the islands of contrasting colours, vegetation, architecture and lifestyle. Here the different historical and cultural heritage of the individual islands manifests itself. The Windward Islands can definitely be  described as the most unspoilt and pristine part of the Lesser Antilles. Here you will find the Caribbean picture-postcard. Tropical vegetation and impenetrable mountain forests are characteristic for St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada – pure and natural beauty of the Caribbean represents the Grenadines with turquoise water and gorgeously beautiful coral reefs. Sailing holiday in the Caribbean will become a unique experience for any yacht charter crew.


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